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First, let’s take a look at those sparkling fireworks, covering all over the night sky.

These are fireworks named Saiun Kujaku(iridescent peacock). It is special view with unique and complex rias coastline of Port Nagashima of Kihoku town, Mie Prefecture. Fireworks’ glimmers are spread on sea surface and makes it shine shows fantastic scenery.

Wide fireworks like peacock feathers with a lot of colorful kogiku(tiny chrysanthemums) in the sky and large lanterns on the sea. The collaboration of fireworks and lanterns is the highlight of the event.
The place is surrounded by mountains on three sides, so bursting sound of fireworks sounds more immersive.

The fireworks launch is a main event of Kihoku tourou matsuri(lantern festival). The festival starts in 1928 as river festival with bird-shaped lantern floating. It was cancelled in 1974 but revived in 1987 with support by devotion of local youth and local authority.

打上げ花火の数は3,000発、決して多い数ではありませんが、彩雲孔雀が打ち上がるクライマックスは見逃せません! この花火の瞬間を撮影しようと、近年では写真愛好家たちがこぞって集まるイベントにもなりました。
About 3000 fireworks are launched at the event. Although this is not so many but climax with Saiun Kujaku is must-see! Keen photographers gather the place to shoot the moment.

There is also held message-and-fireworks event. Participants can announce the message to their special persons with fireworks, like a proposal, thanks message to family. How romantic!

Large lanterns are made by local residents. Often called “marine nebuta”, they are all handmade. People do what they can to make lanterns – some put the cloth, some saw away, and others sew. Their small supports make a big success.

Beautiful fireworks and large lanterns, fully handmade by local residents – a festival at small fishing port in Mie Prefecture shows their passions. Ephemeral sparkles of Saiun Kujaku fireworks are so touching. Please go out once.






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